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TMate for Easy Terminal Sharing

by Joseph Edmonds

by Joseph Edmonds

Screen sharing is really quite common these days and can be achieved using various tools. It is often both overkill and not that great at sharing terminal sessions or command line access.

For long term CLI access, then SSH is the best solution to provide highly efficient and secure access to remote computers. For ad hoc terminal access, for example when helping out colleagues or helping newbies get set up, then there is another tool which is really easy to get up and running with – tmate.

Installation is a breeze – for me on Fedora it’s as simple as sudo dnf install tmate.

Tmate needs to be installed on the machine that is going to act as “host” , that is – the machine that will be accessed remotely.

Once tmate is installed, then to start a session you can simply run tmate and you will get something like ssh echoed out. This is the command that other people can use to access the terminal session.

Of course, be super careful with stuff like this – you have now opened a way for anyone with that connection to get shell access to your machine. But it’s really convenient when you just want to quickly share access / pair on something.

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