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by Joseph Edmonds

by Joseph Edmonds

I’ve wanted to diversify from simply being part of Edmonds Commerce for quite some time. I love being a developer and working on and managing client projects, however I also wanted to explore some other ways of working and using my tech skills to help businesses and individuals out there.

For that reason, I’ve decided to launch some new entities that I’m going to work on part time. The first endeavour I undertook was something of a bucket list item – writing a book!

I knew that in the book I would be able to drop a link to something and as I’m still working on setting up new things, it made sense to have some kind of central “hub” website that I can link to from the book and other places which can then give a bit of info about me and can also link through to other projects I’m working on.

Of course, the main project continues to be Edmonds Commerce which has been running for many years now and has become a highly regarded Magento specialist agency with a number of loyal and long standing clients.

Other projects are under a new brand name – LTS – and a company has been registered – Long Term Support Ltd. The phrase LTS is often used in the tech world to describe versions of things that have been built for serious business and are a sound choice for building business functionality upon. The long term aspect means that an LTS version can be expected to have an extended life span compared to other versions as it will continue to have support for an extended number of years. This reduces total cost of ownership and generally provides the kind of stability and assuredness that businesses require.

My hope is that the LTS branded services will bring that same level of business focus and assuredness along with the understanding that commercial relationships with LTS are optimised for the long term and are therefore an excellent choice to build your business around now and in the future.

The book will be launched soon and I will post another article when it goes live. I also intend to document in some detail how I actually created the book which includes some bespoke tooling I created that allowed me to work fluently.

Soon I will also be officially launching some of the new LTS branded services including LTS Training and LTS Recruitment.

As this is the first post ever on this site, I expect my audience to be very close to zero. That’s cool – it can be here as a part of history, and I hope that in years to come I can look back on this post with fond memories as the marking of a new era in my career.



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